Sonia Ortega & Héctor Artal

Sonia and Hector, a professional Lindy Hop couple (Swing Dancers). They both have been teaching Lindy Hop on a regular basis in various dance schools in Barcelona since 2003 and they have been partly responsible for promoting the success of the Lindy Hop boom nationally. They are now are travelling all around the world involved in “spreading the Lindy Hop word”, venturing on as many attractive projects as possible. Sonia and Hector are keen to demonstrate their love and enthusiasm for Lindy Hop through their work in the hope that others too can enjoy and learn the same.

Hector and Sonia teaching perspective is focused on the fundamental aspects of what they find interesting in Lindy Hop; bouncing, partner communication and quality of movement form the basis of their teaching. From their own creative standpoint, teaching “cool” moves or combinations is not the priority, although they use them as tools for enjoyment and as a way for students to remember what they have absorbed during the classes. Hector and Sonia always try to incorporate their own individual creativity into their teaching, often showing students their own originality and invention in steps and movements which they have developed. They do this to help the student on their own creative journey and inspiration. Feedback has shown Hector and Sonia that students enjoy clear examples to explain certain movements.

Irene Ragusini & Tony Jackson

Tony and Irene are being recognised amongst a new generation of Lindy Hop dancers and teachers. They are increasingly in demand for their teaching, which in summer 2015 included teaching at the most prestigious and historical dance camp, Herrang Dance Camp and since then they have continued to travel and teach regularly all over Europe. Tony and Irene have a focus on rhythm, underpinned by clarity of lead/follow technique and embracing rhythmic creativity and variations. They focus on developing their student’s appreciation for rhythms as a tool for creativity, freedom and individuality.

Clàudia Fonte & Anders Sihlberg

Anders is a swing dance instructor and performer based in Stockholm, Sweden. He has studied dances such as ballet, contemporary and modern jazz since the age of 10 and developed a passion for body movements, rhythm and teaching dance. At the age of 13 he fell in love with the African American dances of the swing era such as Lindy Hop, Vernacular Jazz, Charleston and Tap and has since then been fortunate to teach and perform around the world.

Anders jumps on every opportunity to develop himself within performing arts and swing dancing and wants nothing more than to share his passion and knowledge with people all over the world. Currently Anders is a part of the world renowned group The Harlem Hot Shots and is also performing in a range of different productions and projects. He teaches regularly at Chicago Swing Dance Studio, located in Stockholm, and travels around the world as a swing dance teacher.

Swing dancer (Lindy Hop & Authentic Jazz), Clàudia Fonte explores and embraces all kinds of playful ways in her dancing. Her main source is Swing music. Taking the classic rhythms and moves as the foundation, she challenges herself to keep them alive through her own perspective and interpretation.

Even though swing dance has a great historical tradition, she believes in its evolution and expansion; respecting but also transforming the roots she tries different ways and communication styles, like in the partner dance. Authentic Jazz enables her to achieve and explore challenges proposed by Swing music. Essential to her approach is promoting solo dancing in the context of social dancing, as well. Dancefloor is where everything starts and where the magic happens.

Professor Cunnigham & His Old School Band

Adrian Cunningham is an award winning multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and world traveller. Originally from Sydney Australia and now based in New York, he is proving to be one of his country’s top exports. With fluent command of the saxophones, clarinet, and flute, he is one of the finest multi-instrumentalists in Jazz.

Proof of this is in the company he keeps, having recently recorded with Jazz luminaries Jeff Hamilton, John Clayton, and Ted Rosenthal with his latest recording Jazz Speak (Arbors), which broke the top 20 in the US national Jazzweek charts. Adrian is the recipient of the Hot House Saxophone Award for 2017.

Adrian’s band, Professor Cunningham and His Old School, is the winner of international band competition World Jam, (2016, 2017) held each year in Madrid, Spain. When he is not busy performing in NYC with some of its finest players, he is touring the world playing jazz festivals and swing events.


Isabel Gregori & Víctor López

Víctor López e Isabel Gregori asistieron a su primera clase de Lindy Hop en 2014. Poco a poco se fueron enamorando del baile y de la música. En estos casi 4 años que Víctor e Isa llevan bailando, han asistido a más de 50 festivales internacionales.

En 2016 Víctor e Isa empezaron a dar clases de Lindy Hop en Black Bottom (Valencia). Isa es conocida, aparte de por su energía ilimitada, por su sonrisa sempiterna y por la pasión que pone en su baile. Además de cultivar su amor y conocimiento por la música, para Víctor lo más importante del baile es escuchar y estar pendiente de su pareja.

Para ambos, una de las cosas que más les ha enganchado al baile es el poder conectar con la gente. Lo que más les inspira en el baile, es su honestidad, “que bailamos tal y como somos” y eso para ellos es la verdadera belleza y esencia del baile.

Isa and Víctor attended their very first Lindy Hop class in 2014. Slowly slowly they got hooked up. In these 4 years they have been dancing, they have attended more than 50 festivals.

Since 2016, they started teaching Lindy Hop in Valencia, at Black Bottom Studio. Isa is well known for her everlasting smile and the passion in her dance. During the dance, Víctor focuses above all on taking care of his partner. He also cultivates his love and knowledge on music.

As a couple, they are both passionate about connecting with people. What they love about dancing is its honesty, “we dance as we are”, and that’s for them the real beauty of dancing.

Julia Rbx & Aiala Larreina

Aiala Larreina y Julia Rbx, profesoras de la escuela madrileña Big South Swing, nos ofrecerán una clase abierta muy especial.

¡En el Savoy Ballroom otros bailes convivían con el Lindy Hop! Guy Lombardo y Chick Webb movían la pista a ritmos diferentes: con el dulce sonido de las “Sweet bands” o la vibrante energía de las “Hot bands”. La era del Ragtime a principios de siglo fue la antesala del Jazz, y la transición se refleja en los diferentes bailes que podrías encontrar en una fiesta en 1929. Uno de los ritmos de la era pre-Swing es el One Step. Si quieres aprender Lindy Hop, no hay receta más saludable que comprender su contexto y su sonido, ¡a través de una mirada curiosa hacia lo que le rodea!

Aiala Larreina and Julia Rbx, teachers of the Madrid school Big South Swing, will offer us a very special open class.

In the Savoy Ballroom other dances coexisted with the Lindy Hop! Guy Lombardo and Chick Webb moved the track to different rhythms: with the sweet sound of the “Sweet bands” or the vibrant energy of the “Hot bands”. The era of Ragtime at the beginning of the century was the prelude to Jazz, and the transition is reflected in the different dances you could find at a party in 1929. One of the rhythms of the pre-Swing era was the One Step. If you want to learn Lindy Hop, there is no recipe more healthy than understanding its context and its sound, through a curious look towards what surrounds you!

Tanja Wingerter & Karri Rasinmäki

Tanja y Karri empezaron a bailar Lindy hop hace 5 años. Desde 2017 llevan una escuela de Lindy hop en Helsinki con clases regulares, sociales y organizan un festival internacional. Su baile profundiza en la conexión entre la pareja y un flow continuo. Disfrutan del dialogo entre ambos bailarines pero también de la unidad de la pareja y la música. Sus clases son atractivas, equilibrados entre concentración y diversión y el contenido es siempre aplicables en la jungla del baile social.

En Costa del Swing os van a desafiar con técnicas de robos desde un nivel de iniciación hasta nivel avanzado para que podáis entrar en jams o simplemente bailar entre tres o más bailarines.

Tanja and Karri both started swing dancing 5 years ago. Since 2017 they run a Lindy hop school in Helsinki with regular classes, socials and an international festival. Tanja and Karri are passionate about partner connection and dancing with continuous flow. They enjoy both the dialogue between dance partners as well the unity of a couple and the music. Their classes are engaging, balanced between focus and fun and always applicable “in the jungle”.

In Costa del Swing they will give you a taster of easy to advanced stealing techniques. Steal jams and dancing between three will be a piece of cake after this.